Wall Mounted Food Lockers

Suitable place, where consumable products can be stored, should be provided to the employees by every establishment. When such products are stored in a single place, the workplace is kept tidy and OHS requirements in this regard are met. Not only are metal food lockers aesthetic, but they also provide functional solutions. They are mainly used in canteens, buffets, bars and other premises where food is served and consumed. They can comprise spacious compartments of different size, that are locked by means of either traditional keys, or proximity cards and pendants (food lockers with RFID technology). Our offer includes a wide range of food lockers, whose size and number of compartments can be customised to the customer’s order. Wall mounted food lockers prove to be a perfect solution for small rooms or rooms with limited usable area. If the food locker is wall mounted, area below it can be also used, as needed. This is a functional and tested solution. Our offer also includes free standing food lockers provided with low feet or higher metal frame. They are a better solution when a large number of compartments is to be used and due to the overall weight it would not be advisable to mount the locker on the wall. Food lockers are also made of acid resistant sheet metal to allow their direct contact with consumable products. All our furniture is solid and functional, distinguished by aesthetic workmanship and easy to keep it clean.

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