‘Standard’ clothing lockers

Are you looking for lockers to store working clothes and personal garments of your employees? Traditional furniture made of wood will not be suitable for that purpose. Metal clothing lockers with customizable equipment are far better. They can be provided with extra equipment such as shelves, partitions to separate a compartment into a part for working clothes and the one for personal garments, hooks and other elements which make the lockers even more functional. We offer classic clothing lockers with one or two columns, as well as special purpose cabinets like the ones designed for fire stations. Metal furniture is exceptionally durable and easy to keep it clean. Moreover clothing lockers are user-friendly and perfectly protect clothes stored inside. Air outlets designed in the door provide proper ventilation. We have lately expanded our offer by clothing lockers opened by means of RFID proximity cards. The lockers can be painted in any colour chosen by the customer. ‘Standard’ clothing lockers are provided with louvered ventilation. 

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