If you are looking for cabinets suitable for your establishment, outpatient clinic or public office, the furniture needs not only store documents or equipment, but also prevent unauthorised individuals from accessing such cabinets. Metal cabinets with access control provided with RFID technology are the best safeguard. These modern and functional file cabinets for storing documents are also able to accommodate valuable equipment and tools. As they are exceptionally spacious, they prove to be a perfect solution for safeguarding valuable assets. The cabinets are opened by means of proximity cards or pendants. They are user friendly, can register data from the employee's clock card, as well as manage and keep register of all events that occurred in the cabinet. RFID technology applied in the cabinets is reliable, guarantees safe storing and provides twenty-four-hour access and full control, with no need to use keys. Our offer includes metal cabinets with access control in different dimensions and versions. The cabinets can have customised configuration. They can be additionally provided with LED lighting or glass-filled doors. They prove to be the best solution for business and public offices, record offices, production plants, warehouses or construction facilities.

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