Techbox 1369 metal toolbox

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Planned time of production: 30 days
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Product description

Techbox 1369 metal toolbox

Standard equipment:

  • 2 certified class A locks,
  • hydraulic lifts provide easy opening and closing of the massive cover, as well as unrestricted access to the box interior,
  • the cover completely protects the interior of the box from external contamination (such as dust, pouring, etc.),
  • an opening protected by the cover (on the front or back side) used to connect devices stored in the box with the power cable (e.g. when device charging is needed),
  • openings provided on the side walls for transportation.


Other additional elements can be retrofitted for an additional charge. 


Boxes painted with all RAL colours.

Delivered boxes are completely assembled.

Our products are covered by a 24-month warranty and a 12-month manufacturer's warranty for locks.