RFID cart with access control for recharging laptops and power tools

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Planned time of production: 30 days
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Product description

RFID cart with access control for recharging laptops and power tools:

Standard equipment:

  • massive structure with double hinged doors, partly filled with plexiglass,
  • doors are mounted on solid external hinges,
  • the cabinet is powered with 230 V, with 10A connection Main switch is placed on the side wall of the furniture,
  • inside the cabinet two power strips are placed on both sides, each of which has 4 power sockets (total 8). Each socket is additionally provided with 1 USB port, so that 16 tools can be charged at a time,
  • cabinet separated into two sections, each of which is provided with 4 shelves and has free access to the sockets placed on the power strip.


Handles for transportation are located on both sides of the cart.

The cart is provided with 4 casters, 2 of which have brakes.

Side walls of the cart are provided with ventilation openings to cool electronic devices stored inside.

The cart is provided with RFID reader - for coding and reading proximity identifiers. This reader can store data for maximum 2 thousand identifiers.

2 electric strikes, which open only when access data on the RFID proximity identifier is granted positive verification.


The cart is also equipped with:

  •  1 UNIQUE master card 125 kHz- for coding and decoding (all) proximity identifiers,
  •  8 UNIQUE proximity identifiers 125 kHz identifiers in the form of cards, pendants, stickers (each identifier is unique with a unique number issued by TID database)


For an extra charge it is possible to retrofit the wardrobe:

  • other proximity tags (more proximity tags),
  • buffer power supply enabling connection of up to 10 enclosures in series,
  • ROGER reader:

- the reader is operated by means of free software installed on any computer. The reader comes with a USB adapter, which allows you to connect it to a computer in order to read the data stored on it,

- the reader replaces the master card, with which the (specific) identifiers are encoded and decoded,

- the reader allows you to block access to the cabinet at any time for a specific employee (without using his card),

- the reader is equipped with a system clock, so it can be used as a Work Time Recorder,

- the reader enables cooperation with other Work Time Recording systems used in the company,

- any RFID card already in use in the company can be used to open the cabinet,

- the reader registers up to 32. 000 events, i. e. actions of particular badge numbers and hours of cabinet opening, working time registration,

- the reader allows connecting cabinets (integration) to CRP systems operating in the company.


Cupboards painted with all RAL colours.

Delivered cabinets are completely assembled, shelves need to be mounted.

Our products come with a 24-month warranty and a 12-month manufacturer's warranty on locks.