RFID breakfast locker with access control - 27 compartments

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Planned time of production: 30 days
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Product description

RFID breakfast locker with access control - 27 compartments

Standard equipment:

  • RFID reader - for encoding and reading proximity tags. The reader can store up to 2000 identifiers,
  • a small screen on which messages are displayed,
  • 1 Master card - allows encoding and decoding of (all) proximity tags,
  • 1 administrator card - for emergency opening of a specific locker,
  • 1 service card - for sequential opening of all lockers (e. g. for the supply of working clothes by the rental company etc.),
  • proximity tags,
  • the wardrobe is equipped with a slanting roof and legs 10 cm high,
  • metal numbering on the door.


For an extra charge it is possible to retrofit the cabinet with:

  • a plexiglass window in each door,
  • door stops,
  • perforation on the back wall of the cabinet,
  • ROGER reader with RACS 5 system,
  • other elements.

*ROGER reader with RACS 5 system:

Once the cabinets are connected to an internal LAN, it is possible to control the cabinet functions by an administrator logged into the system. The system is controlled by intuitive VISO software installed on any computer.

The software can cooperate with ROGER RCP system.

Examples of the system functionality:

  • programming of access cards from any point connected to internal LAN,
  • creation of employee database (creation of users’ catalogue with features e. g. photo, position, etc. and granting them privileges e.g. to temporary opening of specific lockers),
  • possibility of giving one user access to several caches,
  • possibility of programming several cards to one locker,
  • checking the events on individual lockers (by whom?, which locker?, when?  was opened),
  • possibility of connection to an alarm siren in case of unauthorized opening of the cabinet,
  • information on unlocked doors,
  • other.


You can read more about the functionality of our RFID multi lockers here.


Cupboards painted with all RAL colours.

Delivered cabinets are completely assembled, shelves need to be mounted.

Our products come with a 24-month warranty and a 12-month manufacturer's warranty on locks.