2-door medical cabinet with glass door

520,50€ net
Planned time of production: 30 days
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Product description

2-door medical cabinet with glass door

Standard equipment:

  • hinged doors are provided with reinforced inner profile, the doors (and side walls of the cabinet) are provided with safety glass 4.2 [mm] thick,
  • doors are locked with a key lock with a hand wheel, with 2-point locking system,
  • perforated profiles inside the cabinet are provided to adjust the shelf height every 25 mm,
  • shelves made of safety tempered glass 6 [mm] thick,
  • shelves are placed on steel brackets covered with felt.


Other additional elements can be retrofitted for an additional charge. 


Our products are covered by 24-months warranty, whereas the locks are covered by 12-months warranty.

Cabinets painted with all RAL colours.

Delivered cabinets are completely assembled, still shelves need to be mounted.