1. What are the functions of techmark-configurator.com Website?

    The Users visiting our Website available at  www.techmark-configurator.com can use free of charge all services; however some services are only available for the Users, who are logged in into their Accounts in the Configurator. By means of the Configurator the User can:

    - get acquainted with our complete and current offer covering all products available on a regular basis. Detailed information about a given article can be found in so called Product Data Sheet. For more information about TECHCODE RFID furniture please visit  www.techcoderfid.com/en

    - all types of Requests can be sent through the Contact Form available at: https://techmark-configurator.com/en/contact


    A User logged in into their Account in the Configurator can also:

    - edit data entered in their account;

    - edit password and formal consents to receive certain information;

    - add different addresses for delivery in order to advance preparation of the Reply;

    - add product to My Favourite Products tab;

    - save their product configurations;

    - send Requests with the saved configuration from the My Account tab > My saved configurations; The User can sent any number of previously saved Product configurations in a single Request.

    - browse through the history of their Requests sent through the Configurator and received Replies;

    - be assigned by the System Administrator to the Specific Group of Users, for which group separate price list is prepared (this functionality is dedicated to Techmark distributors and business partners).

  2. Can I place an order directly through techmark-configurator.com Website?

    All Requests sent through the Configurator are forwarded to our Customer Service Department. Based on the Request, attached configuration and other information specified in the Request, we prepare our Reply which is sent as soon as possible. Such Reply comprise all information required to easily and quickly place a relevant Order.

  3. Where can I see Techmark products?

    Most of our products are permanently displayed in our registered office at ul. Piotrkowska 10/12, 95-070 Aleksandrów Łódzki. Some furniture can be also seen on our Distributors displays, found in all large cities throughout Poland. Please write to us and specify which furniture you are interested in. We will provide you with the detailed information about the companies, where out products are displayed.

  4. I am/I wish to become the Business Partner/distributor. Is it possible for me to use the functions of techmark-configurator.com Website in my work, for instance to place orders for Techmark Products or to prepare offers for my Customers?

    Techmark Configuration is provided with the functionalities to be used by our Business Partners or Distributors of our furniture. Depending on the agreements made with us, after creating the Account and logging in on the Website, they can use our Configurator:

    - to send Requests concerning products configured by means of the Configurator - in line with the previously agreed prices and cooperation conditions. Requests sent through the Configurator form the basis for our Customer Service Department to prepare binding offers to be sent to our Business Partners/Distributors of our furniture. Such offers are to help our Business Partners/Distributors to easily and quickly place the Order - also through the Configurator.

    - in their own work i.e. to prepare - for their own Customers - Offers covering configured products with possible modifications of the Offer’s parameters by means of CMS.

  5. Can I send a Request for a specific Product without previous configuration of its parameters?

    Yes. Such Request can be sent by means of the Contact Form available at https://techmark-configurator.com/en/contact It is advisable to paste a relevant link to the product(s) web page in the message.

  6. Do the Product Data Sheet comprise a complete set of information on the product?

    Web page dedicated for a given product (so called Product Data Sheet) comprise all information necessary to configure a standard product. In case of RFID furniture, more detailed information on the products characteristics and functionalities can be found on the separate website dedicated to this group of products, available at https://techcoderfid.com/en.

  7. When the product configuration is accomplished, is the price displayed in the Configurator final?

    Prices generated in the Configurator make the indicative quotation for Customers interested in one-off purchase. For large orders we strive to prepare complex and most advantageous offers for our Customers, that would allow for all additional costs like delivery and carrying cost, as well as possible costs related with the assembly and putting our furniture into operation. To deliver our Products in the shortest possible time we cooperate with a number of suppliers throughout Poland. Sent your Request and wait for our offer with attractive pricing which we strive to send back to you as soon as possible.

  8. Can I configure a Product with non-standard features by means of the Configurator?

    Yes. The Configurator makes it possible to configure a product with non-standard features and send a relevant Request. Each feature of the furniture, such as body colour, type of lock etc. has the selectable option “other”. After selecting this option, an empty field pops up, where the User can enter a relevant information about the non-standard feature they are looking for, and ask for price quotation. When all features of the product are selected, such configuration must be saved and sent as the Request. Such Requests should be sent from the My Account tab > My saved configurations along with the saved configuration. The User can send any number of previously saved Product configurations in a single Request.

  9. What can I do when I configure the product?

    If you have your Account on the Website, you can:

    - save your Configuration and access it through My Account tab > My saved configurations;

    - save your Configurations as PDF file and print them out;

    - send Requests comprising any number of attached Configurations.

  10. When the Request with the saved Configuration is sent, will I be informed about the remaining costs related with the order and its specific manufacturing lead time at once?

    Pursuant to the provisions of law, Configuration created and generated by means of the configurator does not constitute an offer, but only an initial information about the price of the product provided with the features selected by the User. In order to obtain a complete Offer for the product(s), the Request sent should comprise as much details as possible provided in the Notes field, based on which we will draw up the Offer for you. Such information may refer to expected address of delivery and delivery scope (e.g. transport with or without carrying). Usually our Customer Service Department replies within 3 working days. The Reply will specify a complete set of information required to place on Order.

  11. Why do I need to open an Account, in order to use all functionalities of the Configurator?

    Some functionalities of the Configurator are available only for the Users logged in into their Website Accounts. 

    This is required to receive e-mail messages or have access to the complete history of sent requests and received replies.

If you still have any questions concerning our Configurator, please write to: techmark@techmark.com.pl.