About us

The year 2020 was very special for Techmark, as we celebrated 30th anniversary of our company. From day one we have been committed to creating a reliable, Polish brand and to developing products, whose quality will be similar to the one of foreign manufacturers. Over 30 years later we take pride, that the quality of our products is distinguished not only on the Polish market, bur for many years we have been also successful in winning a number of foreign markets and doing business with the Customers located worldwide.

We monitor global trends in furniture industry and implementation of future technologies developed within Industry 4.0 concept. We strive to provide products, that our Customers really need, therefore we constantly develop and adapt our offer to the ever changing requirements of the market.

Our Company invests in modern machine park, professional trainings for our employees and IT infrastructure. For the last few years we have been also devoted in R&D with the aim to provide our products with innovative solutions, which modern companies located worldwide use more and more often i.e. RFID technology.  

Thanks to our consistent pursue in achieving this goal, in 2017 Techmark entered the higher level of production and as the first company in Poland offered “smart cabinets” which allow automatic registration of events. Our primary objective is to manufacture high quality metal furniture, but novelty and implementation of products provided with RFID technology, which have become increasingly popular in Poland, is equally important for us.

Why do we stand out from the competition?  Apart from high rates given to our products, our Customers value our experience, professional customer service, customer-oriented policy with which we strive to meet the most demanding needs, as well as implementation of bold solutions that are innovative on the Polish market.

Thank you for your interest in out offer.. We do hope, that in your search for metal furniture you will use our 30-years experience, as a result of which we do manufacture Polish metal furniture meeting the world-class standards.